We were asked to create a web composition that reacted to current weather data. I decided to create a personal guide as to why it's okay to be stuck in my hometown, inspired by my lack of travel throughout the United States.

I chose 20 cities throughout the U.S. that would react to heat and humidity.

. . .

Based on low, high, or unbearable humidity, there are different quotes displaying why that condition is unappealing. This can be seen through low humidity giving you a nose bleed or high humidity messing up your hair. Each city has a different sentence, some also relate to that city.

The type also blurs depending on humidity level. Low humidity has no blur, moderate humidity has some blur, and high humidity has a lot of blur to seem wet or damp.

. . .

Depending on the temperature, I used a color picker within in my code that would choose a color within the HSL color scale.

See below for color variations:

Below 0°F is light blue.

Between 0°F - 20°F is blue-greens.

Between 20°F - 40°F is medium blues.

Between 40°F - 60°F is darker blues.

Between 60°F - 80°F is yellow-oranges.

Above 80°F is red-orange.

The variations in color and change of weather throughout the year creates a composotion that is unique each time the site is visited.

Web Interation Studio/Lab

Instructors: Tiff Hockin & Michael Wolf

Spring 2017