My concept titled "here, together" was chosen for the redesign of The New School Water Towers on 5th Ave in 2017. This concept was chosen based on my initial sketches from my University Design Studio class. I then worked in collaboration with Parsons student and illustrator, Limber Zhang, using her map illustrations to further the project.

For the redesign, I wanted to showcase the diversity and global community that makes up The New School. The use of maps as a motif is meant to communicate this message, creating a micro vs. macro dynamic between the two structures.

The first tower states "here," as in here at The New School, here in New York City, here as a physical community.

The second states "together," as in together as a global and universal community. To create a more integrated relationship between the typography and the map, we made portions of the map overlap the type.

To stay more in line with The New School branding, we made a second design with red, grey, and black.

Initial sketches below:

Unfortunately this project was not put into production.

University Design Studio
Instructor: Associate Dean and Henry Wolf Professor Lucille Tenazas
In Collaboration With: Limber Zhang

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018