This project was featured in Lucille Tenazas’ lecture, “Getting Lost is a Good Way to Be a Designer” in June 2020. This was part of the Designer Lecture Series by ArtCenter College Graphic Design and Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography (HMCT).

Co-hosted by Sean Adams, Chair, ArtCenter Graphic Design; and Gloria Kondrup, Executive Director, HMCT.

About the Book:

We were asked to create anything based off of a direction we were told to walk in New York. We were instructed to study our surroundings and look for meaning behind our observations. My observations started with asking fifteen strangers a simple question, “what reminds you of home?”

From that, I ended up with a hand bound “recipe” book.

From beginning to end, (home)made Recipe Book is meant to provide a feeling of nostalgia. More importantly, it is meant to offer space for the reader to reflect about what they may consider home to be, and hopefully encourage a phone call, or even a visit, that has been pushed off by the chaos that is New York.

University Design Studio
Instructor: Associate Dean and Henry Wolf Professor Lucille Tenazas

Fall 2017